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Client Spotlight - Cursormade Multimedia

Client Spotlight - Cursormade Multimedia

Cursormade Multimedia

Cursormade Multimedia is a leading brand identity company specialized in still/motion graphics designs and prints. They offer a broad spectrum of affordable graphic, 3D animation web template designs.

The problem

Cursormade Multimedia had little or no record in bookkeeping. Lanre Olagunju, the CEO of Cursormade said, “As a freelancer, it was not easy for me doing graphics and handling bookkeeping manually simultaneously. In short, the accounting aspect was suffering.

The Solution

“With Accounteer, I can easily manage my financial account,” said Mr. Olagunju. “I can also track if a client has paid and how much another is owing. Then, I had to ask a client owing how much they are yet to pay. But with Accounteer, I know the exact amount a client has paid and how much they are owing. I can also resend the invoice to the client’s mail as a reminder for the outstanding payment.”

The Outcome

“Now I can account for my spending; I know how much I spend in a month. And I can compare it to my revenue to determine my profit. In the last to 2 months, I have been able to have an overview of my business using real-time data without having an accountant to do it for me, as I can’t afford one yet.” Mr. Olagunju said.